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Songwriter, former environmental scientist, amateur beach bum, aspiring boat captain. 


After a near fatal car accident at age 16, monallo picked up a guitar and began writing songs. He played in various bands over the next few years until losing his voice completely at 23. Not sure if he would be able to sing or even talk well going forward, monallo put it all on the line after the ensuing vocal cord surgery and began writing, recording and touring more than ever before. 


Inspired by real-life experiences and the world that surrounds us all, monallo's warm sound, vivid imagery and organic style produces songs that are both true to the heart and easy to listen to. Some are lighthearted, some are heartfelt, but they each set a relaxing, down-to-earth tone that we can all enjoy. 


Listeners describe his live performances as “authentic” and “genuine”, even making cover songs sound like his own. 


monallo recently teamed up with acclaimed musician, songwriter, producer and filmmaker Matt Costa for the recently released album "in the clouds". Costa engineered and produced the record, as well as lent his musical talents to most of the songs. "in the clouds" is available wherever you listen to music.

As a former environmental scientist, monallo is passionate about the environment, with an especially soft spot for any body of water. monallo has been recognized as a Global Ambassador for the "Plastic Ocean Project” since 2018. A percentage of proceeds from all shows and album sales are donated to POP. In 2019, monallo was recognized as a BYObottle Artist, joining highly touted artists all working to make the music industry more sustainable.  

Upcoming Shows

1.9 - Backstreets, Cape Coral, FL
1.20 - Eight Foot Brewing, CapE COral, FL
1.22 - Monallo MOndaze, FB Live
1.25 - Hot sands tiki, Sarasota, FL
1.30 - OverSeas Bar, San Pedro, Belize
1.31 - Palapa Bar, San Pedro, Belize
2.1 - Sip N' Dip, Caye Caulker, BElize
2.7 - Whiskey Joes, Tampa Bay, FL
2.24 - Eight Foot Brewing, CapE COral, FL
2.27 - Backstreets, Cape Coral, FL
3.5 - Backstreets, Cape Coral, FL
3.15 - 3 Keys Brewing, Bradenton, FL
3.16 - Eight Foot Brewing,CapE COral, FL

3.19 Backstreets, Cape Coral, FL
4.6 - Crazy DIngo Brewing, Ft Myers, FL
4.11 - Blue Tavern, Tallahassee, FL
4.12 - BUddy's Backyard, Baton Rouge, LA
4.13 - Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas Tx (Tickets Here)
4.17 - The Mill, Austin, TX
4.18 - The Mine Shaft, San Antonio, TX
4.19 - TBA
4.20 - TBA



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